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About Us

Growing Wellness On The Farm

...As I was saying, we farm all the hemp on our sustainable farm here in Vermont. Come visit! It's all organic, biodynamic, and grown with an intense awareness for the importance of protecting and building the life of the soil, as well as creating a refuge for all the four-legged, and winged helpers dancing about here. It's this attention we give to our growing methods that allow us to offer you formulas made with herbs at their highest level and potency. This is a key concept for us. We all take herbal formulas to enhance and improve our general health, and as farmers and herbalists, we know that potency starts in the soil. Each season, we work not only to bring you the best herbs we can, but to give back to the earth itself with our regenerative farming practices. It's a win win for all of us, and an important part of why we believe our products are so pure and awesome! There's nothing quite like them out there.


And don't forget, with every purchase you make, we ensure that one tree is planted in a region of the world needing reforestation. Our current projects are focused in Borneo, where the palm oil industry is hard at work destroying ancient forests and indigenous cultures. 

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