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What is CBD honey?

Our CBD honey is raw honey infused with hemp extract. Normally, full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant itself, added to a carrier oil like MCT oil, and then infused into honey. One can also mix CBD-rich hemp that has been decarboxylated and powdered, straight into the honey to create a potent, whole-plant version of CBD honey that contains the entire plant profile. Our honeys are made in this way, ensuring all the medicinal aspects of the plant transfer directly over into the honey. Many people find our CBD honey to be a great way to consume their daily CBD.

Is CBD honey the same as Hemp Honey?

Yes! Though certain varieties of hemp are grown for seed or fiber, the hemp grown for CBD is unusually high in this, and other cannabinoids. This is achieved through a natural plant breeding and selection program that creates hemp genetics with have high levels of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. 

Why should I try CBD honey?

For some people, the taste of CBD oil is a real turn-off. Besides being a sweet alternative, our CBD honey uses local, raw honey, which has countless health benefits. We find that by combining CBD, medicinal herbs and raw honey, we are able to create a delicious and potent product that everybody can enjoy.  Traditional herbalism refers to these herb-infused honeys as 'electuaries'.

How do you use CBD honey?

To use CBD honey, we recommend taking a teaspoon or more straight from the jar, or mixed into hot water to create a deliciously sweet herbal tea. 

Does CBD honey contain any THC?

By definition, hemp can legally contain no more than .3% THC, and we ensure all our of products meet this legal limit through 3rd party lab testing. If you are someone who gets drug tested, you should only consume products that are completely THC-free, which one can easily find on the internet.

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