Mindfully Made Full Spectrum Hemp & Herb Infused Honeys To Nourish Your Body And Mind

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Seed to jar,

from our farm to you.

Experience the difference of organic and biodynamically grown hemp and herbs! From Vermont with love ; )

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Local, raw honey

from Vermont.

The wonders and health benefits of raw honey

will bring a sweet smile

to your lovely face ; )

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Small-batch for

superior potency.

We carefully formulate and produce all of our herbal formulas right here. How else could we know its the best?!

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Day And Nyt Done Right

Nourish yourself with a jar of our bee-witching hemp and herb-infused honey blends. We combine Organic and Biodynamic hemp (lovingly grown on our Vermont farm, and packed with CBD and CBG!), a symphony of potent herbs and mushrooms, and yummy local raw honey from a regenerative bee farm near us to create uncommon elixirs for your mind and body. 

 Our Herb-Infused CBD & CBG Honeys ; )